Amethyst massage roller
Amethyst massage roller
  • Amethyst massage roller
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Amethyst massage roller

Facial massage roller specially designed to massage the back of the nose. Massage the facial meridians in just 10 minutes to improve blood circulation and chi energy flow.

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Facial massage rollers have been used since ancient times in China, where they have been known as a healing tool for centuries. With this double-sided facial massage roller, give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage in just 10 minutes. This will improve facial circulation and chi; reduce wrinkles and prevent a double chin. Easy and quick to incorporate into your daily facial care or as a pampering treatment once a week.

Product specifications:

Amethyst: awareness and intuition.

Metal colour: golden yellow.

Packaging: white cardboard box.

Note: The colour of the stone may naturally vary from the picture.

How to use:

Gently rub the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, back of nose, jaw and neck in broad movements towards the lymphatic outflow points. recommends
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